Since 2009 I have been educating people to make informed decisions about their mortgage options for purchases, refinances, debt consolidation, equity mortgages, construction, and revenue properties. Taking on a mortgage is one of the biggest financial commitments individuals take on in their lifetime. My goal each day is to have my clients realize and understand I am working for them and that their goals along with their fears, are equally important. My goal is to build relationships. I want my clients to understand all of the options available to them in order for them to make an educated choice on the product best suited to fulfill their long-term financial goals.

I enjoy being the one point of contact for my clients and offering them the full attention and experience they deserve through the mortgage process, as well as throughout their entire term. Mortgages are quite comprehensive and often times challenging. Liaising with lenders on my clients’ behalf ensures my clients are fully informed and understand the details and are not confused with the use of lender jargon. With patience, perseverance, and creative thinking, I enjoy the process of working things through and exhausting all options on even the most difficult files. There is always a solution … or, more importantly, a plan to a solution.

I am most proud of my work in the Alberni Valley school district educated teens on financial literacy. Since 2012 I have been volunteering my time to lecture on the EnRICHed Academy from Dominion Lending Centres at ADSS and VAST. The program is amazing as it allows for me to explain to teenagers, in simple terms, the importance of money… from the importance of saving, to the true cost of credit and ultimately, investing for the future. What I try to convey to the students is that knowledge is power and the more that they know about money, the wealthier they will be.